Announcing Project Athena

The team at Scattershot are excited to finally share that we are developing our first game codenamed “Project: Athena”.  Our distinct take on the, esports oriented, competitive first person shooter genre will focus on creating exhilarating, modern, and memorable experiences for veteran players and newcomers alike.

Anticorp Character Study

Players will find themselves dropping into a stylized, near future setting; made up of the private security teams for massive global corporations, made powerful by the rapid globalization in the 21st century, and the members of various alternative subcultures that view these corporations as deserving targets for more than just cyber attacks. Both sides will be populated with interesting and vibrant characters which are ready for players to add their own unique flair and personality to.

At the heart of Project: Athena is the belief that player choice truly matters. This is both critical to self expression and how to engage with the gameplay.  Focusing on controls and mechanics that are easy to learn but hard to master, equipment that is predictable and lethal when used effectively, and environments that offer options and variety; it is up to players and their teammates to outthink and outplay their opponents in order to achieve victory.

Anticorp SMG

Coupled to the core game experience is our passion to, as open source legend Tim O’Reilly describes, “Create more value than we capture.” We want to grow an active creator community by providing a suite of creative tools, features, and information along with the opportunity to directly engage with players through our creator spaces and marketplace.

Through this combination of extensive community oriented experiences, creative contributions, and opportunities for deep personal expression, Project: Athena aims to lead the next generation of esports.

Development of Project: Athena is underway and we will be focusing on making our development progress as visible to the public as possible. Furthermore, we want to involve and engage early community members to help provide feedback on ideas, designs and game build playtesting.

Scattershot is also excited to have established, and continues to grow, relationships with various creators and brands; including professional esports players, streamers, cosmetic designers, map creators, event organizers and more.  We believe these relationships will help build highly engaging and dynamic communities for both our players and creators, as well as offer unprecedented access to insights and feedback from unique voices. 

Interested in joining us on the adventure that will be Project: Athena? We are hiring!

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