Scattershot is a team of veterans from the gaming and esports industries currently working on Project: Athena, a competitive first person shooter. Our team is located globally – in Canada, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Brazil, the UK and Georgia.

Scattershot is backed by premium games venture capital firm Play Ventures, named Game Investor of the Year multiple times.

Private investors include Justin Kan (Twitch founder), Ralf Reichert (ESL founder), and the Faceit founders Michele Attisani and Niccolo Maisto.

Nikolaj Nyholm

CEO, Founder

Nikolaj founded five technology startups that have pioneered different domains, was an advisor to Minecraft creator Mojang, was an active games investor as general partner at the venture capital firm Heartcore, and is the founder and Chairman of esports giants Astralis.

As Founder & CEO of Scattershot, he's responsible for the studio's strategy and business development.

Andrew Ritchie

Head of Studio, Co-Founder

Andrew cut his teeth modding Half-Life and Unreal Tournament, then Half-Life 2 and UT2k3. After earning his Masters in Computer Science he moved to Korea to join Counter-Strike legend Minh "Gooseman" Le, to develop Tactical Intervention. He progressed to developing Online Services at Activision before returning to focus on game development as a Technical Director at Blackbird Interactive.

As Co-Founder and Head of Studio at Scattershot, Andrew is currently defining the studio's tech strategy and building the development team, all while getting his hands dirty on the first playable prototype for Project: Athena.

Christoph Lüscher

Head Metagame Experience, Co-Founder

Chris is driven by a lifelong fascination for the disruptive potential of new technologies. As a Co-Founder of the strategy and design consultancy iA, he helped shape the era of digital user experience. Before joining Scattershot, he was exploring the blockchain space, co-creating DeFi Pulse, and working for Bitcoin Suisse. As Co-Founder and Head Metagame Experience, Chris is responsible for monetization strategies and the out of game experience at Scattershot.

Pablo del Amo

3D Artist

Pablo is a 3D artist who excels at modeling both organic and hard surfaces. He masters weapons and character design and previously worked as a character artist and set & prop artist.

Pablo is in charge of modeling and texturing the weapons in the project.

Diego Demarco

Audio Designer

Diego's interest in both audio and programming are a perfect match for game audio. He's had the chance to work on iconic IPs like Battlefield, but also smaller IPs with independent developers. Throughout the years, Diego has been exploring the symbiotic interconnection between audio and technology, and is looking to push the bar a bit further with each project.

As an Audio Designer, Diego focuses on conceptualizing and implementing soundscapes within the game.

Will Goodall

Principal Engineer

Will is an avid problem solver and brings over 15 years of experience from various major (EA, Improbable) and Indy (Blackbird Interactive, Gasket Games) studios to the team. As a generalist, he's contributed on everything from RPG & scripting systems in Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, to water systems in upcoming titles from 2k. Will's major interest is in architecting fast & elegant code that allows its users to focus on higher level implementations rather than worrying about the minor details of game engine complexities.

Will is busy rounding out Athena's architecture and developing software workflows to help support internal developers and modders in creating their visions for a great game.

Pedro Dobbin

Environment Artist

Pedro is a 3D environment artist passionate about storytelling and world building for games. Before joining the team, he worked in many different types of games, from mobile to AAA and had the opportunity to be one of the many artists behind Battlefield 2042 Portal.

Pedro helps shaping the 3D world of the project.

Mahesh Panchangam

Senior Animator

Over 15 years in the games and animation industry, Mahesh worked for well-known studios like Rockstar Games, Bloober Team, Technicolor Games and Redhill Games. As an animator and mocap artist, Mahesh contributed to some of the big AAA titles like LA Noire, Red Dead Redemption, Gears of War, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows in various roles. In the past, he wrote scripts and directed animation shorts. Mahesh loves photography.

Mahesh is working on 1st and 3rd person animations for characters and weapons.

Fabio Marchese

Senior Gameplay Engineer

Fabio is an experienced programmer with a passion for game software architecture. Before joining Scattershot, he worked mainly on multiplayer shooters at Frontier Developments and at Firesprite (PlayStation Studios).

At Scattershot, Fabio is focusing on building gameplay systems such as equipment management and gunplay.

Alex Vaulin

Senior Concept Artist

Alex is a versatile graphic designer and illustrator. He previously contributed environment and character work to feature film productions.

At Scattershot, Alex helps us establish the visual direction for Project: Athena by creating concept art for characters, environments and props.

Ivan Lopez

3D Character Artist

Ivan is a 3D artist specialized in character and creature modeling, sculpting and texturing. Before joining Scattershot, Ivan worked as a freelance Character Artist, contributing to titles like Diablo Immortal, Diablo II Resurrected, Marvel’s Snap, Destiny 2 and Halo Infinite.

At Scattershot, Ivan is responsible for bringing Project: Athena’s characters to life.